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2020 Speaker Announced!

The announcement has officially been made by Andrea Peet herself. Watch this trailer and meet our 2020 POW Marathon Guest Speaker. Let’s see you on the starting line on the morning of May 23, 2020 to cheer Andrea as she leads off! And be there when she crosses the finish line.

Go On Be Brave

What do you do if you’re told you have 2-5 years to live? But what if you DON’T die – what then? How do you choose to live and what would you do to keep it from happening to others?If you’re me, you set a crazy goal to become the first person with ALS to do a marathon in all 50 states, because you love racing, exploring, and celebrating what your muscles can (STILL) do.OUR BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: We are filming a DOCUMENTARY to follow this journey and explore these questions. The title of the film is the Team Drea Foundation’s motto: Go On Be Brave. All the money we raise from the film will go towards research to #endALS, and we hope to inspire other people to challenge themselves and appreciate this delicate gift of life.We will submit the finished product to 10-12 film festivals, host community screenings, and if all goes well, get it on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. We want YOU to be part of this! Race with me, come cheer, share the trailer, and/or come to ALASKA with us on Memorial Day weekend 2020 for the Prince of Wales Island Marathon (half, 4- or 8-person relay) to shoot the grand finale for the film.And also, we are seeking financial support to ensure we can meet our aggressive deadlines and keep sending research dollars to ALS TDI and Duke. Our Board will match donations up to $15,000.To donate and learn more about this project, go to www.goonbebravefilm.com. #GoOnBeBrave

Posted by Team Drea Foundation on Friday, October 11, 2019

We are the race venue for those seeking a challenge and stunning scenery in a unique locale!

2019 start!

Prince of Wales Island is part of the Alexander Archipelago in the southernmost portion of the Alaska panhandle and is the third largest island in the United States. Our island is 135 miles long and 40 miles across. Its 900 miles of coastline has numerous bays, coves, inlets and points. The landscape is characterized by steep forested mountains and deep U-shaped valleys that were carved by glacial ice that once covered this area. It is a lush rain forest environment, with summer temperatures that range from 45 to 75 degrees F. Yearly precipitation averages from 60 to 120 inches, based on the exact locale.

Bald eagle looking over the marathon course

The most prevalent mammals in the area are black bears, wolves, Sitka blacktail deer, mink, martens, river otters, sea lions, seals and beaver. One of the most thrilling birds is the bald eagle, and the trickster raven makes many appearances also. Many species of whales are in the surrounding waters. Our island’s surrounding waters are also recognized as a prime fishing spot where king salmon, cohos, sockeye salmon, dog salmon, and halibut may be caught. Stream fishing is also popular, along with hiking, kayaking, camping, and photography.

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