The May 2023 race was a great success! Thank you runners and spectators!
Our next race date is May 27, 2024!

Welcome to one of the most beautiful marathon locations worldwide!

Prince of Wales Island is part of the Alexander Archipelago in the southernmost portion of the Alaska panhandle and is the third largest island in the United States. Our island is 135 miles long and 40 miles across. Its 900 miles of coastline has numerous bays, coves, inlets and points.

The landscape is characterized by steep forested mountains and deep U-shaped valleys that were carved by glacial ice that once covered this area. It is a lush rain forest environment, with summer temperatures that range from 45 to 75 degrees F. Yearly precipitation averages from 60 to 120 inches, based on the exact locale.

The most prevalent mammals in the area are black bears, wolves, Sitka blacktail deer, mink, martens, river otters, sea lions, seals and beaver. One of the most thrilling birds is the bald eagle, and the trickster raven makes many appearances also.

Many species of whales are in the surrounding waters. Our islandโ€™s surrounding waters are also recognized as a prime fishing spot where king salmon, cohos, sockeye salmon, dog salmon, and halibut may be caught. Stream fishing is also popular, along with hiking, kayaking, camping, and photography.

POW Marathon from the air.
POW Marathon on the ground.
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