POW Marathon a Destination Race! Interview with Diann Wilson-Morrison

Arthur Martin Editor POW Report Prince of Wales

Gretchen Klein contributed to this article

Diann Wilson-Morrison, a daughter from Hydaburg’s well known Morrison family participated in the Prince of Wales Marathon in 2005 and 2006. “Diann’s sister, Donna Morrison, who is five years younger is also a marathon runner, has run the POW marathon, as well as, three marathons in Eugene, Oregon with Diann. In August 2018, Donna completed the Anchorage marathon called “the Mayor’s Run.” The Morrison’s have three marathon runners in the family: Thom, Diann and Donna. We hope her story will inspire you to join this year’s 20th annual marathon!

Growing up in the village of Hydaburg, Diann was always running and participating in sports from a young age. Her family ate lots of healthy foods such as clams, salmon, deer, greens and berries that are plentiful on the island. Once Diann graduated high school she focused her time on getting a PHD from Stanford and running was put aside to focus on her career and family.

In her 50’s Diann decided to accomplish what she had always thought of as an impossible dream–to complete a marathon! Together in 2002 Diann and her husband decided they would complete this mission together. The first step was to find a good running book and good running shoes. Diann, who now lives in Eugene, Oregon says she is very blessed as she…. Read more https://www.powreport.com/2019/01/prince-of-wales-marathon-destination-race-interview-diann-morrison.html

POW Marathon a Destination Race! Interview with Houston Laws

By Gretchen Klein

Gretchen Klein was able to interview Houston Laws for this month’s featured profile highlighting the Prince of Wales Annual International Marathon.

Houston Laws, who now lives in Juneau, is a testament to how one goal of running a single marathon can lead to accomplishment after accomplishment and lead to great achievements in Ultra-Marathons!

After participating in 12 years of wrestling in Southeast and becoming a State ranked wrestler, Houston had a vision to celebrate his 17th birthday by completing the Prince of Wales Marathon in 2003.

“The weather was unseasonably hot that weekend” Laws laughed as he reflected on the painful experience of staggering into the finish line tent for hydration and recovery support after completing the daunting 26.2 miles. Read more https://www.powreport.com/2019/02/ow-marathon-destination-race-interview-Houston-Laws.html

POW Marathon A Destination Race! Interview with Marvin Seibert

Arthur Martin

Join us in this series over the next five months highlighting the visionaries of the very first Prince of Wales Marathon in 2000 and racers who have participated since then.

This week we are featuring a highlight from Marvin Seibert who participated in 2012. Please take a peek at Marvin’s journey and we hope it will inspire you to join this year in celebration of the 20th year anniversary on the gorgeous island of Prince of Wales.

We sat down with Prince of Wales participate from 2012 Marvin Seibert to hear his story, and understand what inspired him to travel all the way from Colorado to participate in the Prince of Wales Marathon.

Marvin’s inspiring journey started at 52 years of age at the Manitou Incline in Colorado.

“I was way over weight and well on my way to heart attack city. I just decided one day to do something about it. I made it to the top that day but it took me almost 2 hours to climb that one mile and had to…. Read more

POW Marathon a Destination Race: Interview with Julie Decker

Written by Gretchen Klein

The 20th annual Prince of Wales Island Marathon will be happening on May 25, 2019. This month Gretchen Klein was able to interview Julie Decker from Wrangell, Alaska.

Julie Decker, Dale McMurran, Andrea Laughlin, Becky MacIntyre, Lucy Moline-Robinson, and George Benson are a few of the regulars from Wrangell who raced several times in the Marathon. Because Prince of Wales Island is so remote, participants often come up with unique ways to reach the Island. Decker and her friends have chartered Sunrise Air over to Klawock, chartered a boat to Coffman Cove and then driven down to Craig, or ferried in from Ketchikan to Hollis on the Inter-Island Ferry.

Julie has been coming for the Prince of Wales Marathon for over 5 years. One of the reasons she likes… Read more http://www.powreport.com/2019/02/pow-marathon-destination-race-interview-julie.html

Prince of Wales Marathon A Destination Race: Interview with Justus Albertson

Written by Arthur Martin

The 20th annual Prince of Wales Island Marathon will be happening on May 25th 2019 and POW Report was able to sit down with Justus Albertson, a young man, who ran the Marathon in 2017.

For a little background, Justus Albertson graduated from Ketchikan High School in 2014, went to UAA and graduated from ROTC this last December and is now attending a Basic Officer Leadership Course specializing in Logistics as an officer in the Army. His specialty is much like the Alaska Marine Lines, “but the Army version. We arrange for things to be transported and shipped from Point A to Point B but with the added complications of doing so in what can easily be considered a dangerous environment.” Read more

POW Marathon a Destination Race: Interview with Vena Stough

By Gretchen Klein

This week we are featuring a highlight from Vena Talea Stough, a Wrangell resident, who participated in the Prince of Wales Marathon in 2008. Our hope is that Vena’s story will inspire and encourage you to join us as we celebrate the 20th year of the Prince of Wales Marathon on May 25th!

Vena and Derek Morgan starting the race

During a lively conversation with Vena, she described her Prince of Wales Marathon experience 11 years ago. During the interview, she discussed why she decided to start training for the race, as well as, her perspective on the experience.

Vena is deeply rooted in Wrangell, Alaska. Wrangell is an island with mild temperatures ranging from 30 to 60 degrees in the spring and early summer along with an average annual precipitation – rainfall of 79.33 inches.

Vena has spent the majority of her life living in Southeast Alaska and is accustomed to the cool wet weather. She is very outdoorsy and is drawn to activities like hunting, fishing, hiking, and of course running. When it came to running, Vena discovered her love for the sport as a member of the Wrangell High School cross-country team. Years later, in 2007, she rediscovered her passion after an appointment with her Neurosurgeon, who advised her not to run anymore due to a fall the previous year that resulted in a broken neck. Vena has always thought of herself as stubborn, so when the doctor told her she was now facing limitations it was no surprise to her friends and family that she would set her mind to prove him wrong. Upon her return to Wrangell, she immediately started to training for the Prince of Wales Marathon.

Vena running strong at mile 25

Vena’s goal was now to complete her first long distance marathon—the full 26.2 miles! She began her training in December, starting slow with low impact workouts like water aerobics in addition to putting hours in on an elliptical machine. By February, she was hitting the pavement and completing her long runs on Sundays. With the Prince of Wales Marathon in May and creeping closer, besides her workouts, she spent a lot of time reading training tips online while anxiously awaiting her monthly subscription of the Runner’s World magazine to come in the mail. Throughout her training, she not only spent time working out, but also focused on proper nutrition. She watched her calorie intake, which fueled her body to keep it healthy and strong. One thing that she was amazed by in her journey was how it became normal to say, “My long run was just 11 or just 17 miles,” while discussing runs with fellow runners. It was moments like this that made her feel like all her hard work was paying off.

Six short months later, Vena, a few fellow runners, and friends were on their way to Prince of Wales Island via the Alaska Marine Highway ferry headed to Coffman Cove. They landed at the ferry terminal, which is located on the northern part of the island. After a beautiful drive south, they arrived at the race headquarters, located in Craig.
The day before the race, the skies cleared changing the weather from a 50 degree overcast day to a mid-60s day. Little did Vena and her fellow runners know what they were in for with the changing weather on race day!

The morning of the race, after a healthy breakfast, finding her focus and some serious stretching, Vena headed for the race. She recalls that the vibe at the starting line was powerful as all the runners fed of each other’s energy. Vena remembers starting off feeling strong, as she ran alongside her fellow Wrangellites, at a steady group pace. Also recalling, how all the racers pushed forward while the sun really started to burn.

The temperature was recorded in the mid-80s which was unseasonably hot for Southeast. Stough reminisced that “the route was gorgeous and hilly, but held little shade,” she recalled how the safety vehicles traveled back and forth watching out for runners in need, helping those who were not accustomed to the heat. She said, “It felt as if the ambulances were like vultures waiting for their victims, but in a helpful way.”

Vena at the Finish Line

At one point during the race, Vena actually stepped off the road to a stream, where she splashed water all over herself attempting to cool down. She said, “There were many water stations during the race, but I couldn’t cool down enough with heat so intense. I needed to hydrate more often than offered.”

Throughout the entire race, Vena had a caravan of friends offering her water and cheering as she ran past. Vena mentioned a particular moment that really stuck out for her – one water station offered watermelon slices! This fruit was a huge blessing as she is allergic to citrus fruits and this was a welcoming treat along the route. Vena stated, “The melon was so delicious! My mouth was so satisfied. All I could do for the next few miles was think about how good it was! I couldn’t stop thinking about how I wanted to just kiss someone as the flavor was so overwhelming. Seems like an odd thought to most, but that is the funny thing about running, your mind goes places it doesn’t always go and your thoughts can become almost obsessive.”
Vena explained that while training and during the race, it was important to find the things that help her push forward. She found that supportive friends and the music she listened to were a few things that guided her during her journey.

She loved to run to upbeat music that assisted her with keeping her pace. Songs found on her playlist were Rihanna – Don’t Stop The Music, Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe, and The Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get It Started. She expressed how tunes really helped motivate her, especially in the marathon as she ran up the hills that never seemed to end!

Overall, despite the overwhelming temperatures and challenging hills, Vena finished the 26.2 miles in a good time. She was happy to finish and having to tap out, like so many runners were forced to do that day because of the heat.

When asked if she would ever consider running again, Vena explained that soon after she completed the race, she ended up having to have her neck fused, but absolutely wants to run the marathon again.

She highly recommends the Prince of Wales Marathon, no matter what the weather forecast is and looks forward to coming back one day to race again.

Vena’s tips for runners:

Wrangell marathoners – Dustin Johnson, Derek Morgan, Vena Talea
Stough, George Benson, Patrick Howell and Dale McMurren

Routines are important, but don’t forget to change it up.
Set reachable goals, but also reach for the stars.
Put in the time, but watch out and don’t become obsessive. Remember, as Oscar Wilde once said, “everything in moderation, including moderation.”
Remember to use common sense when it comes to pushing your body. Push your limits for your personal best, but don’t push yourself to the point of injury.
Take a rest day! Enjoy the journey, but also enjoy time to just breathe and relax. Hard work pays off. Don’t forget to treat yourself to something special, even if it is just a pizza loaded with toppings.
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Join us to celebrate 20 years of the Price of Wales Marathon! For more information and to sign up find us at https://www.powmarathon.org

Additional information on accommodations and transportation can be found at https://www.princeofwalescoc.org