Our Statement re: COVID-19 and POW Marathon 04-04-2020 👍 🇺🇸

The 2020 Marathon Planning Committee met on this day to lay out a plan of action for our POW Marathon in light of the global pandemic.

As our sponsors and supporters are the backbone of this event, this first official statement goes to all of you.

It is with heavy hearts that we have decided to postpone the staging of this event to May 29, 2021.

We are deferring your sponsorship and support to the 2021, as we are also doing for the 71 registrants.

For our Gold and Silver sponsors, the shirts are here and they will be printed up at the Camo Shop. We have removed the date and it will just state “Memorial Day Weekend”

Sponsor plaques have been completed by Mike Cleary, awaiting the medals for attachment to Gold/Silver plaques.

We were able to remove the 2020 date from the medal design. We expect them to arrive this month.

These will be ready early then for 2021, and we can wear them for a longer period of time!!!

Our facebook page, powmarathon.org website, and the Race Entry website will carry additional information before the day is done.

You will receive a newsletter update with details of all that you have made possible for this event that will be ready for 2021.

Some good news: Our guest speaker Andrea Peet is ready to return in May 2021. Let’s pray for her and all of our continued health.

Thank you, A Team. I look forward to sharing with you some of the great stuff that you have made possible. This event will go beyond where we have been in the past 20 stagings.

Jan Bush, on behalf of the Planning Committee gathered on ZOOM today.


Jean Jackson
Ann Williams
Trina Nation
Gretchen Klein