POW Marathon A Destination Race! Interview with Marvin Seibert

Arthur Martin

Join us in this series over the next five months highlighting the visionaries of the very first Prince of Wales Marathon in 2000 and racers who have participated since then.

This week we are featuring a highlight from Marvin Seibert who participated in 2012. Please take a peek at Marvin’s journey and we hope it will inspire you to join this year in celebration of the 20th year anniversary on the gorgeous island of Prince of Wales.

We sat down with Prince of Wales participate from 2012 Marvin Seibert to hear his story, and understand what inspired him to travel all the way from Colorado to participate in the Prince of Wales Marathon.

Marvin’s inspiring journey started at 52 years of age at the Manitou Incline in Colorado.

“I was way over weight and well on my way to heart attack city. I just decided one day to do something about it. I made it to the top that day but it took me almost 2 hours to climb that one mile and had to…. Read more