The POW Marathon: An Early History

By Gretchen Klein and Arthur Martin

The 20th Anniversary Prince of Wales Marathon is coming up on May 25th, 2019 and in this last article having celebrated the many runners and participants throughout the years we would like to highlight the history of this great Alaskan sporting event.

Marathon Committee taken in 2004

A long time ago…in 1998…before the age of the internet and Russia Collusion and Global Warming and gender pronouns, Prince of Wales Island, was a simple place. Boasting of being the third largest island in the United States, home to a dozen communities, a population of a bit over 5,000 Alaskan souls and a diverse array of outdoor activities. What “POW” (as it’s affectionately called) didn’t have was a yearly event to bring the many communities together under one banner. It was in the fall of 1998 that Dave Johnson and a group of residents decided to plan what would become the Annual Prince of Wales International Marathon……..