POW Marathon a Destination Race! Interview with Houston Laws

By Gretchen Klein

Gretchen Klein was able to interview Houston Laws for this month’s featured profile highlighting the Prince of Wales Annual International Marathon.

Houston Laws, who now lives in Juneau, is a testament to how one goal of running a single marathon can lead to accomplishment after accomplishment and lead to great achievements in Ultra-Marathons!

After participating in 12 years of wrestling in Southeast and becoming a State ranked wrestler, Houston had a vision to celebrate his 17th birthday by completing the Prince of Wales Marathon in 2003.

“The weather was unseasonably hot that weekend” Laws laughed as he reflected on the painful experience of staggering into the finish line tent for hydration and recovery support after completing the daunting 26.2 miles. Read more https://www.powreport.com/2019/02/ow-marathon-destination-race-interview-Houston-Laws.html